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Service & Support
How to maintain an Air Conditioner for Optimum Performance
General during Cleaning
Close all windows and doors.
Human comfort temperature is between 23°C - 25°C.
Draw the curtains / blinds.
Do not block air inlets and outlets of the indoor unit and outdoor unit.
Air filter care and cleaning
Air filters should be cleaned every two or three weeks.
Failure to do so will impair the flow and cooling capacity of your system
General Servicing
Frequent usage of the air conditioning system as well as the environmental factors result in air conditioners turning dirty and dusty
To achieve better air conditioning performance, periodical maintenance by a qualified service technician is recommended, apart from regular cleaning by the user.
To improve the condition of the system, please contact our service shop for maintenance on +94 11 2314355, +94 11 2304355
If there are any problems with your air conditioners, here are some tips:
If air conditioner is not operating, check:
Batteries in the wireless remote control.
Power supply is not interrupted
Power source plug is completely connected.
Any obstruction blocking the unit and the remote control signal.